PMP Certification Exam Preparation Training in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Industry Leading Project Managers and Standard Mock Tests.

48 Hours Extensive PMP Certification Exam Preparation Training in Dhaka available both online and Classroom Instructor led Training.

PMP Certification Exam Preparation Training in Dhaka, Bangladesh with highly effective Mock Test by highly resourceful, experienced and dedicated PMP Facilitator/Trainers will give you the confidence to PASS the PMP exam in the FIRST Attempt. Our unique PMP Exam Prep. Training methodology will guide you throughout your PMP journey to pass PMI-PMP exam smoothly and comfortably. We offer scenario based training on combined content of PMBOK 6th Edition and PMBOK 7th Edition along with extensive Agile approaches so that you can relate your experience with the subject matter and build a clear and in-depth understanding on PMI Prescribed Knowledge, Skills, Tools and Techniques required to PASS the PMP Exam as well as to deliver successful projects. We offer PMP® Certification Training and Mock Tests via both ONLINE and in Classroom. Our training program is packaged with 48 Hours effective Training Session, at least 10(Ten) FREE Mock** Test on highly STANDARD questions with Explanations and 1 (One) year FREE Retake of full service (One Time).


Training Plan:

No of Classes: 16-18

Training Platform: ZOOM, In-person Classroom.

Total Effective Training Hours: 48 Hours, 2 Months.

Mock Test: Minimum 10.

Learning Support: 1 Year including One time full free Retake of the training.

About PMP Exam Content:

The Latest PMP Exam content outline (ECO) published in Jan-2021 covers all required best practices of modern Project Management in 3 Domains, namely:

  • People Domain: where Team building and Team management is covered in details and covers 42% of the outline.
  • Process Domain: where Project Management 49 Standard Processes are covered and covers 50% of the outline.
  • Business Environment: This domain deals with the ovarall Project Environment such as Local Rules, Regulations, Customs, organization Structures etc and covers 8% of the outline.
Training Plan:

PMP Certification Exam Preparation Training based on PMBOK 7th Edition and PMBOK 6th Edition along with Agile project management and Students Guide covers generic concepts, tools, techniques, best practices, standard process of Project Management. Since the PMP exam convent is vast, consisting of 10 Knowledge areas plus Agile Project Management and abstract in nature, we recommended that participants should invest around 3-4 months for a sound preparation to pass the exam in the first attempt.

Our very comfortable and flexible training approach in which we will conduct 2 lessons of 3 Hours each in every week will help participants to understand each and every terms, tools, techniques & concept very clearly and ultimately enhance the confidence level to sit for the exam. Once the lessons are completed we will offer 10 Mock Tests with highly effective and latest questions very similar to that you will find in the actual exam.  Solving a sufficient number of practice questions is important before taking the exam. We do not encourage Participants to take a Day Long Training approach as our experience suggest that the Day-Long or Lengthy Sessions are less effective as the vast content of the highly abstract PMBOK are delivered in a very fast and one way approach which you may find difficult to keep your concentration level high enough to digest all the lessons. Moreover, the percentage of candidates from the Day-Long approach is extremely low as we know before the pandemic we have only around 250 PMP Certified in Bangladesh even though there are more than 10 training institutions that have provided training to a good number of participants for the last 15-20 years!



PMP Exam is designed to map with PMI- PMP Exam content outline (Syllabus) and PMBOK Guide is a recommended option for the exam preparation. Latest PMP Exam content outline which has been in effect from 2 January 2021. In this latest Exam content following distribution of questions has been adopted:

  • There will be 180 questions in the Exam of types including MCQ, Fill-up gaps, Hotspot Analysis etc.
  • There will be around 50% questions needed to be answered considering Agile Methodologies.
  • There will be questions with at least two correct options.
  • Exam time will be 230 Minutes- i.e 3 Hours 50 Minutes.

The PMBOK Guide is recommended but NOT directly mapped with the actual exam that means there will be No direct questions form any study resources. We recommend you to study PMBOK 6th edition and Agile Project Management in the First phase of your study and once you finish those books you should go through PMBOK 7th Edition. Other study material may also support your exam preparation such as 11th or 10th Edition of Rita Mulchay, PMI Authorized Guide etc.

Project Management Skills and corresponding professional certification especially a globally recognized one such as PMP is highly Important for Engineers, business managers, development workers and other professionals involved in managing projects. PMP Certification is highly recognized and demonstrates that PMP Certified Professionals are more capable of delivering Successful Projects using PMI’s latest knowledge base, Guideline, tools and techniques.

Most of the Project Consultation Job and Project Management jobs with renowned Multinationals require that the potential candidates must have PMP Certification along with other necessary qualifications.

We arrange frequent Online/Classroom FREE Seminars on PMP Certification Exam Preparation Training and offer PMP® Certification Training and Mock Tests with a very flexible schedule and competitive Training charges.

You may contact us for more information on PMP Certification or to join a FREE online Seminar via ZOOM to learn detailed information about PMP Certification  so that you can explore potential career benefits of PMP Certification.
Please register by filling up a Google FORM by clicking this Link :

Or you may also SMS “PMP INFO” to 0167773422 for the Zoom link or Call/SMS 01677734222(WhatsApp) or  Visit our Facebook Page or Linkedin Page

Resource Personnel: All of our PMP Certified Instructors are from Engineering Background from Reputed Universities with at least 15+ Years of experience in Project Management with leading business organizations in Bangladesh.



1. Is it mandatory to take Authorized Training?

Ans: NO, absolutely NOT. You need to take a minimum 35 Hours PMP Certification Exam Preparation Training on PMBOK (6th Edition, 7th Edition) from any Individual having PMP Certification or from any organizations including your Own HR Department!

2. Can I take the EXAM online from anywhere?

Ans: Yes, due to Covid situation PMI is offering a Proctored Exam and you can take the exam from anywhere if the exam Environment meets the necessary prerequisites. Generally PMI conducts the PMP exam via Pearson Authorized Testing Centers.

3. Do I study PMBOK- 6 or PMBOK- 7?

Ans: You should consult PMBOK- 6 with Agile and then PMBOK 7th ed.

4. What types of Questions do I need to answer in the PMP Exam?

Ans: There will be 180 questions of different types including MCQs with some requiring multiple options to choose, Fill Up Blanks (As like MCQ), Hotspot  etc. You will have 230 Minutes to answer all questions and there will be NO negative marking.

5. How much score do I need to Pass PMP Exam?

Ans: PMI never disclose the required passing score as the weight questions varie. Recommendations from experts suggest that you must score at least 70% to remain in the Passing Zone.

6. How much does it cost for PMP Exam Registration?

Ans: PMP Exam registration charges are same across the world. It depends a bit on PMI Membership. For PMI Members, Exam Registration charge is $284 and the First Time membership will cost you $109 and combining both you need Minimum $393 for the Exam. Non members Exam Registration fee is $555 (Updated on 27 May 2023)

7. Can I take the PMP Exam any time?

Ans: If you are eligible (For eligibility application support please call 01677734222) then you may make the payment and schedule your Exam any time based on Pearson VUE exam policy.


PMP (Project Management Professional) is one of the most valuable and well-accepted certification for career growth and for professional recognition of an individual’s competencies to manage any Project. PMP is one of the world’s most recognized and prestigious credentials for Project Managers which is issued by PMI-USA(Project Management Institute).


Advantages of PMP:
• PMP Certified Professionals play key roles in the decision making process in any organization.

• Enhance the possibility of a job with Multinationals/Internationals as most of them follow PMI’s Standard to manage projects.
• PMP Certification helps to advance CAREER quickly in the field or secure a position with a large company handling high-budget projects.
• PMP® certified professionals make the business as a whole more Efficient and lead organizations to greater project success rates.
• Highest Paid job holders are usually PMP Certified.
• Collaboration with leading management professionals both Nationally (PMI BD CHAPTER) and Internationally.
• Scope to offer international consultancy (Jobs are available in digital platform like Linkedin, Upwork etc)
• Helps to Boost self-confidence.

Benefits of PMP Exam Preparation Training with Rosetta Technologies.

1. Resource Personnel: Highly Experienced,dedicated and passionate Instructors conduct Exam preparation Training for the last 5 Years.
2. We offer extensive in depth training so that audiences understand each and every topic of PMBOK with relevant examples and discussion.
3. We offer a very flexible class schedule. Usually we cover PMBOK within 16-18 lessons via Zoom (Online).
4. We conduct at least 10 Quiz Test to measure progress of each audience.
5. We conduct a minimum 10 MOCK to support final exam preparation.
6. We provide all study materials including a question bank.
7. We offer a 1 year FREE retake option in accordance with our course offering.
8. We charge very reasonable course fees considering our local market.
9. We support the exam registration process.
10. We are always ready to support our audiences, any time- any situation.

We DO NOT offer DAY-LONG session on PMP Certification Exam Preparation Training as we believe the content of PMBOK is not that interesting to continue effectively for more than 4 Hours.

Exam preparation Training schedule:

Schedule 1 # Every Saturday & Tuesday,
Time: 8:30PM –11:00PM

Schedule 2 # Every Suday & Wednesday, Friday & Saturday,
Time: 8:30PM –11:00PM

Schedule 3 # Every Saturday,
Time: 3:30PM –7:00PM

Schedule 4 # Every Friday & Saturday,
Time: 3:30PM –7:00PM

Schedule 5 # Every Friday & Saturday,
Time: 8:30PM –11:00PM

Most suitable audience Profile: 2+ Years of Experience in the following academic background.
* All Engineering Background.
* Science Graduates,
* Business Background,
* IT Managers,
* Project Managers etc.
* MIS Professionals
*Social Science, English Background.

Other Courses we offer: PMP, CISA, PRINCE2, Six Sigma, ITIL, AZURE, AWS, CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S, MCSA, MCSE, ,JAVA EE, SPRING, SQL Server, IT Security PEN-TEST, ASP.NET, Advanced EXCEL, VBA etc.

For further information related to training and professional exams, please feel free to contact me at the below address.


Office Address:
Rosetta Technologies
Karim Tower (Level # 8), 44/7AB, Panthapath, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205.
(Opposite to Samorita/BRB Hospital)

Mobile: 01677734222 ,01977734222, 01616263441, 01616244554.

Telephone:  +8802 9132323, 9119993
Facebook Page:

Email: hello@rosettabd,


**MOCK TEST either via Simulator or Manual will help only to understand the exam question patterns, clear concepts, manage times etc. Chances of getting a SINGLE question in common in the final exam is almost ZERO. So we DO NOT recommend you to buy any EXAM simulator.